The NeuroLeadership Laboratories system incorporates neuroscience, social psychology, cutting-edge technology, and one-on-one coaching to actualize participants’ personal behavioral goals. We are bringing together the newest advances in science and technology to create a system whose participants achieve evidenced, visible personal growth that is directly applicable to their role in a team environment. And it all begins with our battery of assessments called Genesis followed by the LIFE Leadership Program.


Neuroscience is the foundation of our system’s methodologies. Given a thorough understanding of how the brain functions, our participants are better able to begin on a journey of personal behavioral discovery and development in new, more mindful ways. Through an understanding of neuroscience on an individual and personal level, our participants are able to lead by example and shape the change around them.

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One-on-one coaching merges neuroscience, an extensive amount of self-assessments and feedback reports, and participants’ leadership goals in order to generate sustainable, long-term change. Coaching is where all the parts of the NeuroLeadership Laboratories system come together: it is, in this way, a highly individualized and nuanced process of achieving the personal leadership goals participants set during the LIFE Leadership Program.

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Our cutting-edge technology gives our participants a completely new way to see themselves. We provide our participants with proxy measurements of their own brain activity through physical biofeedback reports. With the help of these individualized reports and a corresponding sequence of self and peer-generated assessments, our systems allow for participants’ thinking to become more visible to them than it ever has before.

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